Steve Rogers Returns as Captain America

In a surprise to absolutely no one, Marvel officially announced today that Steve Rogers will be ending his hiatus and once again donning the star-spangled uniform of Captain America.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Captain America #1 Cover By Steve McNiven

As expected, Marvel made a big announcement to the New York Daily News that Steve Rogers will once again be carrying the mighty shield of the Sentinel of Liberty in a new Captain America #1, with the creative team of Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven, just in time to coincide with his brand new feature film.

Tom Breevort, Marvel's senior vice president of publishing, confirmed the common-sense move:

”Given that we are about to have a big Cap film and Cap’s going to be in front of more people and in more folks’ awareness than in any other time in recent memory –  well, since we killed him, it would probably not be the worst thing in the world for him to be in the suit and carrying the shield at that point.”

Since being shot by his mind-controlled girlfriend Sharon Carter at the end of Civil War, bouncing around in time and reliving random chunks of his life over and over again only to come back to the present day to beat the snot out of the Red Skull and help put the final kibosh on Norman Osborn's Dark Reign, Our Man Steve has been content to let his former sidekick-turned-enemy-turned-peer Bucky Barnes take on the mantle of Captain America.  The man needed a break from shouldering the burden of being a living symbol of the American ideal, and he's filled that time by becoming the head of U.S. national security, re-establishing the Avengers and running his own black-ops squad of Secret Avengers

What trouble could arise that would require him to leave his post and resume his role as the star-spangled super soldier, or will he even have to leave his post?  Maybe he could pull double duty and just moonlight as Cap.  Will something happen to Bucky that requires him to step in, or will they work as a Cap duo, heralding the rise of a privatized franchise known as Captain America Inc.?  We don't know yet, but we should all know by now that we can trust Brubaker to come up with some interesting stories.

"I never imagined that he would not be Captain America as long as it has gone on," Brubaker said.  "I did really miss having Steve in that costume and throwing the shield."


Here are previews of all three alternate covers for Captain America #1, drawn by Steve McNiven, Oliver Coipel and Neal Adams.


Captain America #1 by Steve McNiven

Captain America #1 by Oliver Coipel

Captain America #1 by Neal Adams