What’s Happening on the Web This Week: Best Of The Best

If the internet is a series of tubes, then these are the best tubes ever!

Asterios Kokkinosby Asterios Kokkinos

Welcome to the relaunched, rebooted, all-new, all-different WHAT HAPPENED ON THE WEB THIS WEEK! WHOTWTW is a weekly feature where we serve up the funniest, craziest, geekiest links we can find. For the relaunch, we combed the WHOTWTW archive and assembled the best of the best – enjoy!

Star Wars Begins

There are fan documentaries, and then there’s Star Wars Begins. It combines every existing source of commentary imaginable into one super-commentary, and will change the way you appreciate Star Wars. If it doesn’t, you have carte blanche to punch me in the balls!

Unstabler: Law & Order SVU’s Detective Stabler Being A Dick

Law & Order: SVU exists for one reason – to watch child molesters get the shit beaten out of them from the comfort of your couch. Nobody does it better than Christopher Meloni – here’s a supercut of the master at work.

The 7 Greatest Real Bill Murray Stories Ever

Bill Murray has made a second career out of popping up in unexpected places and partying his ass off. Here’s 7 true tales of Bill Murray slipping into a situation, entertaining everyone, and quietly vanishing into the night.

Dwayne McDuffie’s Failed Marvel Pitch, “Teenage Negro Ninja Thrashers”

One of the saddest moments of 2011 was the passing of comics legend Dwayne McDuffie. He was wasn’t afraid to stand up for minorities in comics, as this hilarious parody pitch will attest.

Craig Ferguson’s Elaborate Doctor Who Dance

We’re ending on my favorite link we’ve ever done – Craig Ferguson’s incredibly over the top tribute dance to Doctor Who. Give it up for the late-night host who loves daleks the most!

Well, that’s all she wrote. And by “she” I mean “he” because I’m a boy, I swear! See ya’ll next week.