Shane Black Not Writing ‘Iron Man 3’

Writer-Slash-Director Shane Black is Only Slash-Directing This Time.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

When Shane Black was hired to direct Iron Man 3, fanboys made an assumption that Black, the screenwriter of Lethal Weapon and The Last Boy Scout, would be handling the scripting duties as well. Well, like Samuel L. Jackson said in The Long Kiss Goodnight, "When you make an assumption you make an ass out of You and 'Mption." Black's just going to be directing this time out, leaving scripting duties to Drew Pearce, according to Deadline.

Who is Drew Pearce, you ask? He produced the British TV series No Heroics, about a superhero pub where nobody is allowed to use their powers. He was also tapped to write the movie adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan's Marvel comics series The Runaways, about a group of teenagers who – now stick with us here – run away after they discover that their parents are all supervillains. Vaughan's critically-acclaimed series was greenlit for a feature film (directed by Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist's Pete Sollett) years ago, but the project's apparently stalled somewhat because Marvel's been spending its time and money focusing on The Avengers and its various tie-ins like Thor and Captain America. Apparently The Runaway's problem wasn't the script: they liked Pearce so much that they gave him an even bigger project to work on while that smaller film percolates.

We're not worried about this, frankly. It seems unlikely that Shane Black would make the film without at least giving Pearce's script a once-over. After all, this is the same guy who they cast in Predator just so he would also be on set for uncredited rewrites. If he was willing to polish a script just because they gave him a couple of bad jokes in Predator, we're willing to bet that he'll be willing to massage Pearce's screenplay a bit now that they've made him an A-List director.

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