Cinemax Picks Up ‘Transporter’ TV Series

HBO's sister network gets its second action series based on the original films starring Jason Statham.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Frank Martin has a new territory to conquer: television.

Deadline is reporting that Cinemax has committed to airing a 12 episode season of "The Transporter," based on the film series created by Luc Besson ("The Fifth Element"). Besson will serve as an executive producer on the TV adaptation, which is being produced by the French company Atlantique.

As in the three "Transporter" films, the series will follow the exploits of Frank Martin, a professional transporter who navigates the international underworld by adhering to three rules: Never change the deal, no names and never open the package. Although Martin was originally played by Jason Statham, the role is expected to be recast for this project.

"The Transporter" has already picked up networks in France and Germany and it will start filming this summer with an impressive budget of $48 million for the first season.

This deal seems to indicate that Cinemax is getting serious about its original programming. Last month, Cinemax gave the greenlight for "Strike Back," an action series based on the novel by Chris Ryan and inspired by the U.K. TV adaptation. Early reports indicate that "Strike Back" may even premiere on Cinemax as early as this year.

Back in December, Besson's EuropaCorp also indicated that "Taken" is being positioned for a possible TV series as well, in addition to the recently announced film sequel featuring Liam Neeson.


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