7 Green Man Sports Videos

It’s Always Sporty in Philadelphia

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

When Charlie from It’s Always Sunny introduced the television viewing audience to “Green Man” in 2007, he probably didn’t realize he was giving birth to a sports legend. Trolls can be legends, right? In honor of the upcoming new season, here are 7 funny Green Man sports videos:


Green Man Hockey

It’s The Green Men Show, also featuring: Professional Hockey.


Green Man Baseball

His natural enemy is the Spongebob.


Green Man Golf

A polite, more genteel green man.


Green Man Basketball

aka The Green Man Slam


Green Man Gymnastics

Next Olympics, send these two.


Green Man Scootering

He’s got the skills that pay the scooter bills.


Green Man Rodeo

“Oh man, I got so high yesterday. Why am I out of laundry quarters?”


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