7 WWE Drive Thru Pranks

He makes fast food joints tap-out.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Pro-wrestlers are always on the road, so it makes sense that they’d have to pick up some fast food every now and again. Unfortunately, wrestling fans never got to see the awkward beauty of Ultimate Warrior or Undertaker ordering chicken nuggets… until now, thanks to YouTube comedian FizzyPops. Here are 7 WWE Drive Thru Pranks:


Ultimate Warrior

This is probably not the weirdest customer the drive thru attendant has dealt with.


Randy Orton

The… Viper… is… intense… when… he… orders… cheeseburgers.


Triple H

This lady doesn’t understand the destructive power of Brock Lesnar.


The Undertaker

The Dead Man wants some dead cow.



He’s Mister Gold… wrestler…


Vince McMahon

After encounters like these, I bet some of the drive thru workers actually would like to get fired.


Stone Cold E.T.

I was waiting for him to smash a box of Reese’s Pieces on his forehead.


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