10 Animals Interrupting Sports

Football, baseball and auto racing gone wild!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Pets need a good home. Ideally, some place where they’re loved and cared for, as opposed to the middle of a football field, where they’re just an amusing annoyance. For it’s one, two, three dogs on the field and we all wait for folks to catch ‘em. Here are 10 animals interrupting sports:


Skunk Football

If the skunk clears the field, he can score a touchdown with no interference.


Squirrel Baseball

This game is nuts.


Police Dog Soccer

Good boy! Make soccer interesting!


Seagull Horse Racing

The band Flock of Seagulls has no comment.


Bat Basketball

That should be worth 5 points.


Dog Baseball

If you’re gonna throw a ball around, interested dogs have got to be expected.


Seagull Golf

Miniature golf, make that happen.


Kangaroo Racing

They’re finally branching out from boxing.


Cat Baseball

Aww, let him run the bases.


Bear, Fox and Deer Golfing

I guess you let them play through?


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