5 Episodes of Creative Has Nothing For You

Wrestler Colt Cabana gives us a hilarious look inside the WWE.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Ever wonder what it’s like behind-the-scenes at a big wrestling promotion like the WWE? Comedic wrestler Colt Cabana writes and stars in this web series about the kind of conversations that take place between wrestlers and the creative writers who book the matches. Watcha gonna do when 5 episodes of Creative Has Nothing For You… uh, run wild on you:


“Deaf Wrestler”

If there’s one thing wrestling promoters hate, it’s wrestlers!


“Secret Handshake”

I wanna learn the handshake.


“Hulk Hogan”

Creative should know Hulk Hogan. He had a reality show for 2 years.



Bullying is wrong, except when you get paid to do it.


“Too Jewish”

His new finisher: “Oy Gevalt!”


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