7 Funny Alternatives To The Olympics

Would you quality for the US Beer Olympic or Hipster Olympic Teams?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The Olympics is a time for the world to come together and celebrate the spirit of global unity. However, if that’s not really your thang, there are plenty of alternate Olympic games to check out and they’re pretty hilarious. Here are 7 funny alternatives to The Olympics:


Hipster Olympics

You’ve never heard of these games.


Monty Python’s “Silly Olympics”

No silly walk relay?


Beer Olympics


I know he can do it. I beer-lieve.


Street Olympics

He gets the gold for the Pissing People Off event.


Trojan Olympic

This I’d watch.


Mitchell and Webb’s “Office Olympics”

I’ll give a medal to anyone who brings donuts in the morning.


Kitty Olympics

They're all winners and they're all great.


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