6 Olympics Sports We SHOULD Have!

It's about time the Olympics got some new blood. 

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Okay, we're gonna say it — The Olympics, outside of the occasional freak-of-athletic-nature like Michael Phelps or hot bikini team are absolutely boring to watch. We here at CRAVE have found some sports we would like to see in the upcoming Summer Games in London this week. 

Yes, we're a little late to the party. However, we think it's about time the Olympics looked for some newer sports to keep the interests of the world populace at large. Sure, they might take a while to catch on, but that doesn't mean they won't work long-term. You mean to tell us that when 'water polo' premiered it was a hit? NO. 

Here's a few sports we'd like to see added to the Olympics Committee short list. 


1. Drinking a sh*t-ton of beer in some guy's garage! 

Imagine how many sponsors this could get! And after it's all over, different countries can compare crappy polo shirts!


2. Chess Boxing!

Knight to Rook four. Knee to Vertabrae Disc Eight. 


3. Competitive Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Finally, a sport that sets apart the boys from the toddlers. 


4. The Cinnamon Challenge!

Never gets old! Imagine a North Korean doing this that gets shot if they don't win!


5. Cheese Chasing!

Sure, you broke your neck but you ended up on a really funny YouTube video!


6. Hipster Sports!

Think of how many people will be disqualified for performance enchancers, like getting a full-nights worth of sleep.