Refunds Issued Following Worst Beat Of All-Time

This sports gambling website felt too sorry for their customers after one golfer's gigantic collapse.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

When Adam Scott blew a four putt lead with four holes remaining to lose the British Open this past weekend, you had to feel for such a huge choke job. Personally, it would be impossible to fathom exactly how bad Scott must be feeling this week, because frankly, this one is going to sting for quite a while.

Scott's personal loss in this matter aside, look past his part in this historic collapse and think about all the poor suckers who bet on Scott to win the Major's competition. While I do not publicly endorse gambling — especially on golf — which is about as hard to pick a winner these days as anything, you know that at least a few people took a flier o Scott's 40-1 odds on winning and felt damn good about it heading into that last four rounds on the final day of competition.

I mean, think about it. All you need is Scott to basically par it up on a couple of holes and that fifty bucks you placed on him becomes an easy $2000. Who could have imagined that a professional golfer with Tiger Woods' former caddy lending him advice would just lose it in that fashion? I don't know about you, but I would be having to buy a new TV because my remote would be lodged in the center of it.

Talk about the baddest beat of all time!

Well, if this awful circumstance is what you have been dealing with this week and you placed that bet on SportsBettingOnline, you are in for some good news. The website has announced that management is refunding all players who lost money betting on Adam Scott.

"With so many of the favorites including Woods not cashing, it was a good day for sportsbooks. But that wasn't the case for those who dropped money on Scott,” stated Dave Johnson, head oddsmaker for “We feel it's our duty to refund the players for taking such a bad beat. His collapse was historic and we know the bettors who had him must feel as awful as he does.”

Now, with this unprecedented act, people who bet on Scott can back up any stories they tell about the baddest beat of all time with this little nugget because you know a beat had to be horrendously bad one if a betting site is willing to give back money without losing.

Props goes to SportsBettingOnline for showing compassion in an area where you don't normally find any.

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