5 Funny Videos About Michelle Jenneke

The Australian hurdler leaped into the hearts of all internet males.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Australian Michelle Jenneke was the hurdler to beat at her International Association of Athletics Federations World Junior Championships race in Barcelona. Nobody could do it – Jenneke won the race and also created a viral sensation with her sexy warm-up dance. Doesn’t she deserve an extra gold medal for that? Here are 5 funny videos about Michelle Jenneke:


Original: Michelle Jenneke’s Complete Race

That dance! I must see more!


80s Music Version

Now dance to "Take On Me."


Michelle Jenneke Creeper

That’s the first cell phone photo worth a billion dollars.


Michelle Jenneke Marriage Proposal

It’s pretty obvious she’s gonna say yes.


Nyan Michelle Jenneke

Sexiest nyan evar.


Michelle Jenneke Dancing For 15 Minutes

Loop this forever and you’re all set.


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