T.G.I.M.! #142

Taking a look at the week ahead in sports.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

With the NFL basically down to one game, it's up to basketball to take up the slack in our sports entertainment. While it may not hold the thrill of a good game of tackle football, it is a sport can be overly dramatic at times and highly kinetic. Below are the weeks best basketball games, both college and pro, with a few NHL games sprinkle in for good measure.



(NCAABB) No 1 Syracuse at Cincinnati 7 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) Texas A&M at No 7 Kansas 9 pm ESPN

(NBA) Orlando at Boston 7:30 pm NBATV

(NBA) Memphis at Golden St. 10:30 pm NBATV

(NHL) St Louis at Detroit 7:30 pm NBCSN



(NCAABB) No 19 Michigan at Purdue 7 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) No 2 Kentucky at Georgia 9 pm ESPN

(NBA) Cleveland at Miami 7:30 pm FOXOH

(NHL) Minnesota at Carolina 9 pm NBCSN



(NCAABB) Villanova at No 21 Louisville 7 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) No 5 Missouri at Oklahoma St. 7:30 pm ESPN2

(NCAABB) No 4 Duke at Maryland 9 pm ESPN

(NBA) Indiana at Chicago 8 pm NBATV

(NBA) LA Clippers at LA Lakers 10:30 pm NBATV

(NHL) Detroit at Montreal 9 pm NBCSN



(NCAABB) North Carolina St at No 8 North Carolina 7 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) No 14 Ole Miss at Florida 7 pm ESPN2

(NCAABB) No 13 Indiana at Wisconsin 9 pm ESPN

(NBA) Boston at Orlando 8 pm TNT

(NBA) Memphis at LA Clippers 10:30 pm TNT



(NBA) New York at Miami 8 pm ESPN

(NBA) Oklahoma City at Golden St. 10:30 pm NBATV



(NCAABB) St Johns at No 4 Duke 12 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) Texas at No 3 Baylor 1 pm CBS

(NCAABB) No 7 Kansas at Iowa St 2 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) No 12 Georgetown at Pittsburgh 4 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) No 17 Virginia at North Carolina State 8 pm ESPN2

(NBA) Sacramento at Utah 9 pm NBATV



(NBA) Chicago at Miami 3:30 pm ABC

(NBA) San Antonio at Dallas 6:30 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) No 19 Michigan at No 6 Ohio St 1 pm CBS