The 5 Worst Jobs In Sports

Taking a look at some of the less glamorous sports related jobs.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

The working side of the sports world seems like an awesome place to hang your hat for 40 hours a week. For the most part that is true, but not every job is filled with glamor, we look at those jobs.


5. Spit-Bucket Holder

Boxing is one of America's oldest sports. It's a brutal waltz of violence and mayhem and a grueling testament to the violent nature of man. To be a good fighter, not only do you have to have nature talent and a mean right hook, but you have to have a good crew waiting for you when the bell sounds. You got a guy putting out a chair for you, a guy coaching you up, a guy getting you liquids, a guy closing and cleaning any cuts and then there's that poor sap that has to hold the bucket for the boxer to spit into. This poor sap has to hold that bucket every round and pray that all the blood and liquids the boxer is spewing makes it into the bucket, otherwise it's the worst bath imaginable. You know these guys are rooting the hardest for a first round knockout because you don't want to know the percentage of liquid that misses the bucket after the fifth round!


4. Sparring Partner

Did I mention that boxing is a very violent sport? Well, it is, and in it's purest form, it's an art of controlled and measured violence. To get to that point, however, a boxer must practice and work on his technique. To that end they employ sparring partners. These guys spend their days getting beat and pounded so the guy doing it can go out and make his fortune. After a hard day at this job, you don't get to unwind with a nice bath, well, at least not without getting stitches!


3. Horse Track Stable Cleaner 

Horses are one of the most beautiful Animals in all of nature. They are big, sleek and powerful animals that can run at great speeds with a rider. So naturally, racing them is a must! Unfortunately, they do not create a porta-potty big enough for a horse, so they tend to do there business where they stand. More unfortunately still, someone has to clean that literal crap up, and that's a job that is full of shit, let me tell you! Makes catching spit seem like a pleasant afternoon.


2. Baseball Dugout Janitor

Baseball players are some of the best and most recognizable athletes in sports, but they aren't always the neatest. If you have ever watched a baseball game, then you have seen the dugout shots of players spitting chew on the floor along with anything else they put in there mouth or pull out of their nose. They are also apt to fling Gatorade jugs and pull messy pranks on one another. What this all adds up to is a horrid mess that someone has to clean up on an almost nightly basis.


1. Urine Test Collector

So, you wanted to work along pro athletes on a daily basis but weren't athletically gifted, prone to the x's and o's of any sport, or a good enough liar to market these guys. Where exactly does that leave you? Well, for some (un)fortunate people, they chose the route of urine test collector. That means that these special people gets to follow an athlete into a bathroom and watch as they pee in a cup. Then they get to take the cup, with it's dribbled amounts on the side, for testing. Yes, it's a job, and it probably pays well, but let me say one thing about it. Ew.