Wait, You Mean Baseball Really Is Still Around?

The MLB needs to adopt to the times before it's too late.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Baseball, once thought of as America's game, is slowly bleeding out and nobody in the MLB really seems to give a shit. OK, maybe that comes out a little harsh and sure, using 'shit' isn't necessarily the finest proof om my grammatical skills, but the resound point of it, that baseball is fading fast, is the pure and simple truth.

The sport is losing ground faster that the United States is accumulating debt and let me tell you, that's pretty darn fast! The MLB needs to wake up and realize that the fundamental issue with the game, other than the lack of action and the length of games, is that the season is way too damn long!

Players start reporting to camps in February and the first pitch in a real game is thrown in the early part of April. Guess what, we are midway through September and the regular season still isn't over with!  That's five months of regular season, with games played almost every day of the week. Next up is the postseason, which will run all the way through October and into the early part of November.

Are you freaking kidding me!

Baseball follows a 162 game schedule that was last modified back in 1919. Yep, that's way before the television and internet, way before America sped up to the point that it didn't need baseball to fill its every day with entertainment. And that's really the kicker, baseball was needed back then to entertain America because there really wasn't much else to do, so 162 games was a good thing for the general public. But now, in today's instant gratification society, who's going to have the attention span to follow a sport that takes nearly 7 months from start to finish and uses damn near every day of that time period.

The MLB needs to wise up and scale back the number of games, by at least 40 in my opinion, to revitalize the sport and make it relevant again. Sometimes you just have to cut off a limb to save the body and that's the case with modern baseball. With less games, a more prevalent sense of urgency will come out and when every game means more, then you will have more people interested in the outcome, that's people 101.

They also need to revamp the playoffs. Instead of 7 game series, they need to start out the early round of the playoff as a best of 3. Then the next round is a best of five. Finally you finish out with the best of 7 format when the teams are fewer and the action is more intense.

Oh, they should also start the playoffs around early August because once football starts, the interest really starts to wane in baseball.

These changes aren't rocket science, they don't need Nobel prize physicists to figure out. No, they are simple, common sense and they are desperately needed to save a sport that is slowly fading into the twilight.