T.G.I.M. – #115

Taking a look at the baseball as it hits its halfway point.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

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Take me out to the ball park…no, seriously, take me out to the ball park because frankly, there isn't much else going on right now in sports. Sure, the ladies are representing right now and I applaud the Woman's U.S. Soccer team for overcoming poor officiating to stun Brazil and advance, but let's be honest with one another, we're not exactly waiting on pins and needles for the next soccer game.


No, we are a country and a culture that wants their sport testosterone laded and full of action and sweaty men, and in lieu of that, well, there's always baseball.


Oh, baseball, our most nostalgic sport. We play it as kids and dream of making the bigs all the way to the drive through at McDonalds as adults (I'm not fat, I'm big boned!), Sure, baseball may not hold the interest as say, basketball and football, but by god, at least they are still having a season! Say THAT about those other two sports!


The durability of baseball during this current bit of sports unrest is what brings us here today to take a quick look at the first half of the baseball season. To be honest, I can easily say that the first half of this years season has been the most interesting for me since a time I can't honestly recall at this point. Of course, I'm a Pirates fan, so I haven't had a vested interest in baseball since Barry Bonds could fit in a normal ballcap.


Speaking about those Pirates, how about the season they are having!


They enter the All-Star break four games over .500, their best break record since 1991! They are only 1 game out of first in the NL Central and will feature three All-Stars in the game for the first time on over 18 years! Easily the best story in baseball this first half, the Pirates have all their fans rocking at the moment and believing in miracles.


Then there's the made for Hollywood story of Derek Jeter's 3000th hit. In fact, it may not be Hollywood material because it's frankly to  out there to believe. Jeter, perhaps the most beloved Yankee of all time, hits a home run for his 3000th hit AT Yankee Stadium on a night where he goes 5 for 5. Nope, I don't believe it and I know it's true!


As far as 3000th hits goes, that was pretty good. Sure beats a bloop single to third base where Jeter barely beats the throw, sprawling in the dirt like a wounded flounder.


Between the Pirates and the Jeter hit, there are numerous stories and feats of individual accomplishments that have left a lasting impression. Which is why I would recommend to anyone who is listening that they should tune into the second half of the MLB season starting Thursday.


Because, honestly, it's about the only thing going right now of any real interest and It looks to be a very competitive half. Competitive and compelling enough to hold the attention, so to speak…


At least till football is back.